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Steel Shop Designs uses Upcycled and Repurposed Materials to Make Unique and Totally Handmade One-of-a-Kind Accessories

Kansas native, Charity Fontaine, of Steel Shop Designs, spends many weekends checking out estate sales, yard sales and vintage markets searching for the perfect pieces to create her One-Of-A-Kind head

We included two of Charity’s pieces in our first box.  The first is the “Love” pendant necklace she made from salvaged vintage silverware.  She cleans, trims,  flattens, smooths, polishes, stamps, curls and inks each vintage spoon to create her “Love” pendant.  love necklaceWe loved the pendant when we saw it because it was not obvious it started out as spoon and love how awesome it turned out.

Not wanting to waste a thing, Charity then used the trimmed pieces from the “Love” spoon pendant, and created the second
love stampitem on our box, the “Bee Kind” Key chain.

Charity custom made and stamped the “Bee Kind” keychain for us because we wanted to highlight one of our core values we have at Eclectic Box Goods.  Simply put, we think kindness matters and love having a little reminder  to “Bee Kind” on a key chain.

bee kind key chains

We also love that Charity is a giver as well as a maker.  “I make stuff to sell so that I can raise money to take my family to Africa to work for the charity “Village of Hope.” My family spends a couple weeks every summer helping the people of Africa.”

Each month, Eclectic Box Goods will make a donation to a cause or charity and this month we will be making a donation to “Village of Hope”.

It is always interesting to watch a maker do her thing and see her passion at work. To “Bee Inspired”, check out the video below of  Charity making her goods.

You can find Charity and her Steel Shop Design goods at pop up shops, boutiques and maker events in the Wichita area.  We are also selling a few of her things in our Makers Marketplace.  You can also follow Charity and the see the things she makes on her Steel Shops Designs Facebook page.

We are packing up our January Eclectic Box Goods next week… Our theme for this box is “Happy Everything”...

About Us, Makers

Finding The Goods

Finding the right Goods  for you is just part of the fun of our jobs at Eclectic Box Goods.  In the past few months, we have been personally meeting with Makers in California, Arizona, Oregon, Kansas, Oklahoma, Utah and Hawaii.

We have found Makers and their Goods in flea markets, small shops, artisan fairs, pop-up shops, holiday boutiques, speciality shops as well as in the Maker’s living rooms and basements turned into studios and workshops and have even bought goods out of the trunk of a Makers car trunk.
One of our upcoming featured makers works and lives out of a 4,000 square foot warehouse in Wichita–he calls this space his “WareHome”.
Over the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend, we attended a swap meet in the Palm Springs, CA area and found “organic” jewelry artist, Lilla Artesanal. Lilla is from Mexico, and creates her earring from beans, seed pods and pits and hand-ties these items into one-of-a-kind earrings which are sure to be a topic of conversation the next time you wear them.
Lilla Artesanal
“Organic” Earring maker, Lilla Artesanal
Here is also a quick video of Lilla explaining the “ingredients” of her unique earring designs.  We have added some of her goods in our Makers Marketplace.  Lilla can be found on Facebook at Lilla Artesanal.

We are continually on the search for eclectic and unique designs and hand crafted goods to add to our monthly boxes or to feature their goods in our Makers Marketplace. Are you a Maker? Know a Maker?  We’d love to talk!

We are excited for our very first box to be shipping later this month, we are calling it our “There’s No Place Like Home” box featuring artists and makers from the great state of Kansas.  We hope our hand selected goods will Brighten your Life and Home.
About Us

Our Purpose and Values Guide our Journey

There are a lot of decisions and choices when you start a business. There are risks to consider, research to gather and strategies to consider. When we set out to create Eclectic Box Goods, we were absolutely clear about a couple of things that served as a guide for us as we navigated and came to terms with decisions and challenges:

  • We wanted to deliver delight to our customers
  • We wanted to discover and celebrate hand-crafted maker items
  • “Bee” generous and give back

Eclectic Box Goods was created on the foundation of these ideals. As we travelled around visiting markets and being inspired by Makers, we reflected on what we wanted to be for the world and we began to articulate our purpose and the values that would become our brand. This clarity of purpose guides our decisions about everything from our products and vendors to how we care about customers. I want to share these with you in the hope that you will connect to who we are and how we want to contribute to our world.

The Bee – The “bee” is a symbol we embrace and we see ourselves buzzing around pollinating and promoting Makers as we visit artisan and Maker markets, gathering a “sweet,” eclectic mix of creative goods. We bring back our goods to the hive to share & brighten your life & home.


Our Mission

We inspire and brighten the life & home of our customers by providing them with eclectic designs & hand-crafted goods and connect them to the passionate Makers that made them.

Our Core Values

Bee kind – We believe in being kind to the earth & all living things because kindness matters and is never wasted.

Bee Generous -We are committed to give freely of our time, resources and talents to support people and causes throughout the world.

Bee Passionate – Passion fills us with meaning, energy, and focus. One of our greatest passions is to connect more people to Makers and their passion to create.

Bee Thoughtful – Being thoughtful is one of the most powerful tools to connect with people and build relationships. We care for the needs and happiness of others.

Bee Inspired – We are grateful for people and their actions that inspire us to explore new possibilities for ourselves and our world. As we are inspired, we feel the responsibility to inspire others.

Our mission and values reflect who we are and remind us that our work is bigger and more important than simply succeeding financially as a business. Our aim is for Eclectic Box Goods to influence, contribute and connect to the Makers community.


About Us

A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step

The proverb, “A journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step” by the Chinese philosopher Laozi, couldn’t be any truer for us at Eclectic Box Goods. We are taking those first steps in what we hope will be a long and meaningful journey. Like any explorer or maker, when you embark on a new journey, you don’t really know what lurks beyond the visible horizon. Sometimes you are delighted and sometimes terrified but the journey is unforgettable. It has been the same for us from that first moment when the spark of an idea for Eclectic Box Goods lit up our hearts and minds.


Of course, we imagined our journey to be a path of joy and fun…..and there certainly have been those moments –  just like we drew it up. And there have been plenty of surprises we did not plan on. Ups and downs, winding roads and some uphill climbs. The great thing about a journey is what you discover about the world and about yourself. And our journey to our first month’s Eclectic Box has been memorable. But we made it and our first monthly box of goods that will brighten the life & home of our customers will go out on December 16th.

Critical to surviving the biggest challenges has been that we established a clear mission and values that kept our hearts and minds focussed and our mission and values will continue to guide us. It is easier to keep at it when you know why you do what you do and that it matters.

Everyday we move forward, connect with Makers, share eclectic goods in our Makers Marketplace and are grateful for the opportunity to inspire and brighten the life & home of our customers